Here are my personal reviews on some of our local stores in Orange County, California:

Try Whole Foods Market in Irvine: wide variety of organic produce and ingredients but some items such as grape seed oil and rice milk are a little overpriced. Whole Foods does have lots of ready-to-go vegan foods that are really tasty such as tabouli, hummus, salads, grains, soups, stews, and more.

Whole Foods | Sprouts

Sprouts and Mother’s Market: similar to Whole Foods and a little expensive but they have a huge variety of wholegrain products that you may not find anywhere else like quinoa pasta and whole grain gnocchi, yum! It’s also a great place to buy fresh organic produce, grains, and spices. The freshest produce can probably be found at Mother’s Market and WholeFoods. I’ve found that Sprouts doesn’t carry a lot of fresh organic produce.  Mother’s Market has some take-out options that could be Daniel Fast friendly.

Mother’s Market

Trader Joe’s: one of the cheapest places to buy certain items like organic soy, almond, or rice milk, vegetable stock, oils, and flat breads. They have some fairly priced organic vegetables.

Trader Joe’s

Some Costco stores now sell rice milk, almond milk, and soy milk in bulk so you can save a few cents. Smart & Final carries brown rice and other whole grains. Don’t forget to visit your local farmers market. I love going to the Orange Circle Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. I always find all sorts of wonderful seasonal and locally grown produce. 

Orange Home Grown


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