Banana Split

Banana Split for Vegans or Daniel Fast

A Banana Split for breakfast? It’s not exactly what you had in mind, but this comes loaded with nuts and crunchy granola which makes for a filling and very nutritious way to start your day.  Your kids will definitely love it! A great excuse to have dessert for breakfast.

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5 thoughts on “Banana Split

  1. Any cereal that is whole grain and sugar free. Try adding fruit to make it more appealing or make/or find granola sweetened with agave.

  2. I would probably scoohe my new favorite breakfast combo; oats with walnut butter! I started making walnut butter with my food processor and it’s incredible. I love it mixed in my oats, with some pomegranate on top, and yogurt.Your banana toast looks amazing! I should probably switch up my breakfasts every once in a while, but I never want to! I do eggs on weekends sometimes, when I have time.

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