7 thoughts on “Easy Oaty Berry Crumble

  1. I’m starting the Daniel Fast tomorrow with my teenage son. I’m trying to gather foods and recipes. I’ve seen Ezekiel bread and just saw Ezekiel 4:9 cereal in your recipe. Where do you purchase these food items? Thanks for your help! PS We live in a small town with a Walmart and Publix near by but I will travel to find food items.

  2. Try looking for Ezekiel bread in the freezer isle. Also try looking for a Whole Foods store or Trader Joe’s near you. Walmart and other grocery stores carry a lot of whole grain items and vegan stuff. You can probably find whole wheat tortillas and pita bread. Any brand of sprouted grain bread is ok. I hope it helps. God bless you on the Daniel Fast :)

  3. I thought that anything with yeast in it is not allowed? I looked and Pita bread is made with yeast. I have even checked out Spinach wraps and a lot of whole grain tortilla and they all contained yeast. Are the pita breads allowed, my husband and son arew getting tired of the tranditional whole wheat tortillas that I have found that did not contain yeast.

  4. Follow the guidelines at your church to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t worry about the pita but that’s only my personal opinion.

  5. looks yummy. i am going to make this next weekend, but without the agave (since its not allowed since its a sweetener) and with a cereal that i have on hand. i cant wait!

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