Arroz con Leche – Brown Rice Pudding

Arroz con Leche - Brown Rice Pudding

I grew up eating “arroz con leche.” It is still one of my favorite desserts and it’s so easy to make. Every country has its own version of rice pudding, but I’m sharing the best and most simple one. This is our Salvadorian family recipe, Daniel Fast style. Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Arroz con Leche – Brown Rice Pudding

  1. I didn’t have any cinnamon stick when I fixed this, but had some whole nutmeg and put that in the simmering rice. … Fantastic!!! :)

  2. This recipe is like an old family dish I grew up eating. Instead of almond milk my mom used evaporated milk or fresh milk. I got to say that I will use the almond milk from now on.It was so yummy my family forgot it was a food for the Daniel Fast.I will also be making this version with the raisins. Thanks!

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